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Meet Sam Kochhar
Guiding you through Greater Vancouver Real Estate
Sam Kochhar
Sam Kochhar Realtor®

When you need to navigate the complicated world of real estate, you need a professional. And you’d be hard pressed to find anybody more professional than Sam. From his earliest years in India, all the way through his years in Germany, England, and Canada, Sam has been an unstoppable force in the world of business. Whether it was supplying the world’s most famous designer brands with his work in leather products and accessories or getting the finest cars out on the road in Canada, Sam Kochhar always knew how to provide the finest service to the people looking for what they wanted most in life.

Sam’s work has always been driven by working with people, making sure their needs are met and they get what they want. There are many who can run a business, but only a few, like Sam Kochhar, making sure the business centers around what the customer wants, first and foremost. As long as they walk away feeling listened to, and their interests respected, Sam knows his skills in design and business acumen in sales are making lives better for you.

It’s this attitude towards the customer - working with them, listening to them, designing the best approach to their needs - which he brings to the world of real estate, finding the right home for the right person. He’ll work with you, to understand not only your budget, but also what you’re looking for as a homeowner.


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Yuliia Kochhar
Yuliia Kochhar Marketing coordinator

Coming from the world of art & design, Yuliia knows a thing or two about making your world more beautiful. So you can be sure she’ll be able to make your home search a wonderful experience as well.                                   

Coming up in the world of design, fine-arts and production, Yuliia Kochhar certainly knows all about aesthetics and good business sense. But that never interrupted her desire to give the world meaning through her independent art career in drawing and painting. In this way, she is both resourceful in a career filled with struggles, and capable of finding a wonderful environment for anybody to admire.                                       

It’s this talent in the world of art and design that Yuliia Kochhar brings to the world of real estate, making an ordinary residence into a dream home through her keen eye and unique designs. You can be rest assured that she will add your name to her growing list of impressed and dedicated clients.

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Sam's Core Values
Real estate can be a cutthroat business, but Sam remains honest, transparent, and fair. Giving you the most truthful information to help you make the best decision is a critical role of a trusted Real Estate Advisor.
Persistence, endurance, patience and determination are synonyms that go alongside Sam’.He believes even though things don't look better now, they will get better, he has a problem-solving attitude and believes that little things do make a difference.
Determination is an important part of this real estate. It enables an agent to persist in the face of difficulties. Sam’ has a tendency of moving fearlessly ahead with faith until he achieves his goal, the path is not always smooth but with his determination he always overcomes the obstacles.
The most significant human value is honesty. This is the most exalting trait found in Sam, for which he will always be praised. He is worthy of being trusted by his worst enemies. Sam’ believes, it's always good to pay it forward and develop good karma, that’s much easier to do with honesty than it is to do with not being true or faithful.
Sam's History
 Solid Business Operator
 Seasoned Salesperon
 Family Man

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